MIG brazing technology for the manufacture of high strength steel (HSS) car frames.

Lead Participant: The Welding Institute


R&D on manufacturing technologies and new materials is boosting economy in an increasingly sustainable way. In this context, the appearance of HSS triggered new benefits. Of interest to this project is the mass production of a new generation of efficient vehicles as a result of reduced weight. The barrier preventing its commercialisation is the joining of car frame components without compromising the soundness of the structure. The goal of this project is to overcome such a barrier with the synergy of a combined effort of a world leader in car manufacturing, car suppliers, and a world leader in joining technologies. The project aims to push the state of the art in joining HSS materials and to implement the findings in serial production tests. Results of this project will activate a supply chain culminating in the mass commercialisation of a new electric vehicle .

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



The Welding Institute
Stadco Limited, TELFORD £122,838 £ 61,419
General Motors Limited, LUTON £120,880 £ 60,440
Gestamp Tallent Limited, NEWTON AYCLIFFE £137,935 £ 68,968




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