Passive Radar Operational Viability Evaluation (PROVE)


The Passive Radar Operational Viability Evaluation (PROVE) project consortium consists of NATS, Thales ATM and Roke Manor Research. The purpose of the project is to develop the operational capability of Multi-Static Primary Surveillance Radar (MSPSR) to support the UK's future Air Traffic Management surveillance strategy. MSPSR has the potential to revolutionise the provision of civil ATM surveillance services by reducing costs, adding new capabilities and also releasing valuable Radio Frequency spectrum for other users. The project will achieve its objectives through industry and Air Navigation Service Provider collaborating to capture the operational requirements and further develop prototype systems to mature the technology to a point where it is suitable for deployment and demonstration in the target environment of the London TMA.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Nats (En Route) Public Limited Company, FAREHAM £363,408 £ 363,408


Roke Manor Research Limited, ROMSEY £93,851 £ 93,851
Thales UK Limited £950,267 £ 475,000


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