Aerospace UniverSal opTical INterrogator (AUSTIN)

Lead Participant: Airbus Operations Limited


AUSTIN will address the need for an Aerospace 'Universal Interrogator' to permit the interfacing of different types of Photonic Sensors within a common Avionics box. This will provide the central element in any optically instrumented Aircraft. It will take known techniques, e.g. the Fibre Bragg Gratings and Fabry Perot, which are yet to be implemented in an Aerospace context, and combine them in a way never before attempted, to produce a versatile and configurable 'Universal Interrogator', capable of interfacing multiple sensor types in a single design. This will allow an optimised solution, with a high utilisation rate of the interfaces provided, regardless of the 'local' sensor types at any zone of the Aircraft.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Airbus Operations Limited, BRISTOL £400,000 £ 156,707


Smart Fibres Limited, BRACKNELL £213,414 £ 128,000
Oxsensis Limited, DIDCOT £220,464 £ 132,268


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