POwer MOdule VALidation (POMOVAL)


The More Electric Aircraft concept is expected to be introduced in all new design large airliners from the mid-2020’s onwards. This represents a significant new market for advanced electronic controls and associated products for UK industry. This project focussed on the Engine Electric Start (EES) application.
Goodrich are the main UK player for future EES and other applications enabled by power electronics.
Raytheon are in the UK’s high added-value supply chain for power switch modules.
University of Bristol are internationally recognised experts in power systems and utilising power electronics in high integrity applications.
This partnership will work on reducing performance bottlenecks in power switch modules, using an EES power electronic inverter with a high level of integration as the test and validation platform.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Safran Electrical & Power UK Ltd, Pitstone £455,000 £ 195,779


University of Bristol, United Kingdom £107,068 £ 107,068
Raytheon Systems Limited, HARLOW £279,350 £ 117,776


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