HiCo = (Hi)ghly (Co)mpact Power DC/DC Converters for Low Carbon Vehicles

Lead Participant: Turbo Power Systems Limited


DC/DC converters are essential in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. These electronic devices step-up or step-down the battery voltage to a voltage level that suits the electric motor, the cabin supply or other essential loads. Current DC/DC converters are still expensive and heavy. A consortium of six UK manufacturers (Lotus, Turbo Power System, Industrial Capacitors Wrexham, International Transformers, Dynex, Hiflux) , one vehicle integrator (Hyperdrive) and Newcastle University are developing a new dc/dc converter design that reduces cost by up to 50% and weight by up to 40% compared to standard dc/dc converters. The main focus of their research is to reduce the inductor size which makes 50% of the overall weight and cost in a power dc/dc converter. A radical new converter design holds the key to achieve these targets. The 30 months programme is being supported by investment from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Turbo Power Systems Limited, Gateshead £257,058 £ 88,456


Lotus Cars Limited, NORWICH £52,115 £ 15,749
Hiflux Limited, LONDON £147,250 £ 53,900
Ist Power Limited, Leicestershire £92,250 £ 30,747
Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd, SUNDERLAND £289,721 £ 115,888
Newcastle University, United Kingdom £192,102 £ 192,102
Industrial Capacitors (Wrexham) Limited, WREXHAM £31,544 £ 12,618
Dynex Semiconductor Limited, Lincoln £117,714 £ 47,003


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