VARCITY - Vehicle ARchitectures for CITY cars

Lead Participant: Jaguar Land Rover Limited


The VARCITY project delivers new vehicle body architectures for the premium city car of 2020 which will utilise the structural performance and weight advantanges of advanced Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic based composites whilst delivering a sustainable and economically viable proposition for volume production. The project targets a series of technology developments and innovations that currently prohibit wide-scale, volume implementation of CFRP based composites for vehicle body construction. A major goal of the project is the establishment of leading UK supply chain comprising the core industry partners. VARCITY drives the technical capability development of this fully integrated supply chain and will deliver major commercial benefits for wider market opportunities. Furthermore, the project also acts as a catalyst to stimulate the science, engineering and technology base to support the C02 and sustainability challenges facing the UK's automotive industry.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £9,285,464 £ 3,086,640


University of Warwick, United Kingdom £750,800 £ 750,800
Sika Limited, HERTS £736,213 £ 300,000
Penso Ltd, COVENTRY £2,825,778 £ 1,627,931
Avdel UK Limited, SHEFFIELD £296,383 £ 148,192
Cytec Engineered Materials Limited, WREXHAM £948,688 £ 331,756
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £573,514 £ 573,514
Cytec Industrial Materials (Derby) Limited, HEANOR £182,036 £ 63,658
Expert Tooling & Automation Limited, COVENTRY £1,634,153 £ 980,492


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