SAVE Water (Subaqua Assessment Vehicle for Water Infrastructure)


The SAVE Water project is a unique offering to the water industry not only in the UK but internationally. The technology derived from the project will be the first in-pipe assessment vehicle which will work in live conditions (no customer interruption) which delivers a full sensing package of optical and acoustic inpsection while also carying out a complete structural assessment of the pipe material and any associated linings both factory and retrospectively applied. This technology builds on recent advances in live inspection equipment deployed in higher value industries such as oil and gas and is a much more affordable technology which will enable widescale entry into the UK water sector. International exploitation is clearly identified and can be demonstrated by the consortium who have already entered international markets with othe live in-pipe technologies.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions Limited, Gateshead, United Kingdom £218,662 £ 26,349


Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom £89,999 £ 89,999
United Utilities Group Plc, WARRINGTON £98,141 £ 11,855
J D 7 Limited, DERBY £336,000 £ 67,099


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