Geometry Handling and Integration (GHandI)

Lead Participant: Mbda UK Limited


One of the most fundamental properties affecting the aerodynamic performance of a body is its shape. With progressively increasing demands for performance, the need to explore and optimise the performance of novel airframe shapes rapidly and with robust, efficient processes is becoming increasingly important. This poses significant challenges for the ways in which the associated geometry is generated and manipulated (in support of design) both on its wetted surfaces and in the adjacent air flow (i.e. the computational mesh). Greater attention is being focused on these challenges globally and it is vital that the UK keeps ahead of the competition. The proposed research programme will, for the first time, bring together key strands of the UK aerodynamics community who are currently active in this area, facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-fertilisation via complementary, research activities, and establish innovative capabilities and shared understanding.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Mbda UK Limited, HERTFORDSHIRE £1,772,773 £ 875,000


Airbus Operations Limited, BRISTOL £160,002 £ 80,000
International Technegroup Limited, SWAVESEY CAMBRIDGE £709,000 £ 354,498
Altran UK Limited, BATH £174,156 £ 87,078
Aircraft Research Association Limited, BEDS £317,820 £ 158,750
Bae Systems (Operations) Limited, Farnborough, United Kingdom £212,537 £ 106,269
Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom £1,614,341 £ 807,170


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