Q-CANCER: development of a sample to result device for low cost, rapid tumour profiling

Lead Participant: Quantumdx Group Limited


This project is concerned with the development of a fully integrated, low test cost, sample to result medical device that will enable a histopathologist (or a technician) to perform multiplex genotyping and tumour staging & profiling, within minutes, from formalin fixed &/or fresh tissue samples, providing a molecular adjunct to a histopathologist's standard practice. The device will automate sample prep & DNA sequencing at the press of a single button, following the introduction of a sample. The tissue sample is processed using a number of novel & innovative but proven microfluidic and nanotechnologies that allow for massive multiplexing potential. The device will enable fast turnaround of high quality genotyping that integrates with established clinical practice . Furthermore, the ability to rapidly profile & stage a tumour or identify genetic mutations will lead to improvements in patient outcomes, reduce patient anxiety & result in cost savings in treatment programmes.


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