Development of magnetometer immunoassay (MIA) technology for the rapid and cost effective detection of endemic animal diseases and pathogens (zoonoses) in a decentralised, point of use, setting


International trading of food from animal sources is very intensive. Regulations decree that the production of animal products is free from zoonoses that can affect humans. Food producers wish to avoid the costs associated with other animal diseases. Regulatory authorities wish to reduce the cost of testing, especially visual inspection at slaughterhouses. Building on solid scientific and commercial research evidence resulting from a recently completed TSB GRD-funded project, this project now aims to take MagSer™ (i.e.a serology test for zoonoses and animal diseases) from Proof of Principle (PoP) to a fully developed instrument and suite of assays for screening animal diseases and zoonoses. The novelty and advantage of MagSer lies in the unique combination of immuno-magnetic capture of paramagnetic particles (beads) with highly sensitive magnetometer instrumentation to detect and quantify antibodies captured on the beads. The main innovations will be the a disposable measurement technology directly applicable to the measurement of antigen specific antibodies in pig’s blood and the development of a rapid, low cost and simple device that can be used at point of test to screen animals for infections and check for efficacy of vaccination. Assay development work is planned at UWE’s labs with instrument and consumable development and assay integration and validation being carried out by Clarity Biosolutions Ltd. (CBL).


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