Next Generation Battery Thermal and Electronic Management Systems

Lead Participant: Vantage Power Limited


This innovative development programme between RDVS and Vantage Power focuses on two core areas of interest in large lithium-ion traction batteries for vehicles: the thermal and electronic management. The novel cooling system will be able to substantially increase the lifetime of current installed hybrid vehicle batteries and also provide a fail safe mechanism against thermal runaway of lithium-ion cells - key innovations in driving the growth of hybrid and electric vehicles into the market. The new electronic management system will use a unique method of communicating cell data around the battery pack and in doing so will increase the safety of a high power lithium-ion battery substantially whilst also decreasing the assembly time by 30%.

Vantage Power Ltd are an award winning company in the niche low carbon vehicle industry. They are a provider of diesel-electric hybrid systems for retrofit into buses in the UK as well as to OE bus manufacturers.

RDVS are a leading supplier to the automotive OEM and Tier 1 market of electronic and electrical systems and services. They have extensive experience in electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, both in systems development and volume production.

Lead Participant

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Vantage Power Limited, LONDON
R & D Vehicle Systems Limited, Banbury £484,802 £ 290,881




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