Revolutionary Electric Vehicle Battery (REVB)

Lead Participant: OXIS Energy Limited


The Revolutionary Electric Vehicle Battery (REVB) project aims to develop a revolutionary Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) vehicle battery and Battery Energy Management (BEM) system which will provide breakthrough improvements in energy density, cost, range and safety of electric vehicle batteries and put the UK in a world leading position to exploit this.

The project intends to double the rate of improvement of the OXIS Li-S battery, by developing and embedding a model led R&D culture within OXIS, using a deep understanding of the underlying science which will be developed with Imperial College to inform product development. It is a proven approach within other sectors (such as crash testing) within the automotive industry, but rarely adopted by battery developers. The project will also develop a battery energy manager, working with Lotus and Cranfield, in order to be able to push the chemistry to its limits and achieve 400Wh/kg cell energy density with practical cycle life and performance metrics.

The output of the project will offer a battery system for automotive applications that can not only store more energy than today’s technology but can also harness significantly more of that energy, resulting in a compound improvement for next generation Electric Vehicles.


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