Stem cell-based 3D tissue engineered organ for tracheal replacement

Lead Participant: Videregen Limited


This project seeks to create a niche, highly defensible, innovative regenerative medicine product with a global commercial potential of an estimated minmimum £70M annually This is aimed at patients with a life-threatening disease which would otherwise be unattractive had the same team of experts not already tested a clinical prototype which has shown promise to be a one-off cure for severe structural airway disease. This project brings together these experts with other partners within a consortium to progress this clinically successful prototype into a commercially ready stem cell-based tissue-engineered trachea for the treatment of adults and children with life-threatening severe structural airway disease. We will deliver a clinical trial providing robust quality data, validated manufacturing processes and economic assessment to support an accelerated path to market for commercial exploitation in this indication and will open up market potential for similar organ replacement products in larger disease indications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Videregen Limited, LIVERPOOL £1,205,047 £ 723,028


University College London, United Kingdom £521,296 £ 521,296
Cell Therapy Catapult Limited, London, United Kingdom £567,700 £ 567,700


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