High Temperature Electronics Packaging and Testing (HiTEPT)


The Consortium of Aero Engine Controls (AEC), GE Aviation & TT Electronics intend to enhance the research & development of High Temperature Electronics for inclusion in Engine Control Electronics to provide operation for Engine Core Mounted Applications (external customer Rolls-Royce plc). This is to meet the increasing requirement for continuous operating temperatures to over 300°C and accommodate transient temperatures up to 400°C. The primary activities will be to develop packaging materials and interconnection which are currently at a very basic technology level (TRL2 at most). A target application of a pressure sensor will provide the focus in terms of complexity, function and one potential end use.
The consortium has a great mix to assess the packaging, build into representative circuits based on today’s applications, test the functionality at high temperature and predict expected life. Exploitation is widely expected for most Airborne LRUs beyond engine control units, oil & gas industry, the energy industry (AEC now supports this area for Rolls-Royce), automotive (links which exist for TT Electronics) and Space.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Rolls-Royce Controls and Data Services Limited, DERBY £232,161 £ 116,080


Welwyn Components Limited, NORTHUMBERLAND £263,151 £ 131,575
GE Aviation Systems Limited, Cheltenham, United Kingdom £172,031 £ 86,016


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