18F FACBC an innovative imaging agent for the diagnosis of prostate cancer: a Phase III evaluation in recurrent prostate cancer


In the case of prostate cancer there is a need for better diagnostic imaging methods. Current methods are neither sensitive nor specific enough to positively direct prostate cancer patient management.

Increased cellular metabolism and an associated increase in amino acid transport is a requirement for the growth and proliferation of malignant tumours. The active substance in the [18]FACBC injection is a synthetic L-leucine analogue that has been shown to accumulate to a high degree in cancer cells based on preclinical studies. There is an established close relationship between amino acid uptake and overall cellular metabolism.

This grant will support a Phase III clinical study in men with recurrent prostate cancer in an attempt to demonstrate efficacy of a novel Positron Emission Tomography (PET) agent: [18F]FACBC. Uniquely this will be the first Phase III study in PET imaging solely carried out in the UK. The project will bring 7 world class clinical centres together with GE Healthcare to further develop this potentially important new imaging agent.


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