A People Centred Approach to Intelligent, Proactive, Predictive (PCIPP) Asset Management using Remote Condition Monitoring Data

Lead Participant: Thales UK Limited


PCIPP (A People Centred Approach to Intelligent, Proactive, Predictive Asset Management) will advance a state-of-the-art Enterprise Wide (Any asset type, Any sensor type, Any Manufacturer), Enterprise Class (Robust, Flexible, User Friendly, Scalable, Future Proof) solution for intelligent asset management that goes beyond conventional Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) and existing systems. PCIPP will eliminate the need for asset managers to maintain multiple vertically integrated RCM systems, reduce user training needs by providing a common interface for all assets and unlock the potential of true intelligence by fusing and correlating data across multiple assets and legacy systems to create actionable, prognostic information. PCIPP builds on the highly successful solution Thales provides to Network Rail in their Intelligent Infrastructure programme which monitors over 22,000 assets and has removed the need for 15,000 site visits since it went live in 2009. PCIPP is structured around a human-centric design process, using capabilities from world-recognised human factors experts, ensuring that operators have access to relevant information, despite the increasing amount of data available within PCIPP. PCIPP’s open architecture will enable an ecosystem to develop that will expand the range of assets covered; incorporate train, track and station data; integrate to maintenance systems; substantially increase diagnosis and prognosis capabilities and nurture a new market for the incorporation of 3rd party analytics modules.


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