Digital Design of Drug Products


This project brings together experts in drug development, product formulation, process design, systems modelling and manufacture to create a completely new approach to the design and manufacture of formulated drug products, which involves the integration of qualitative tools for process understanding with a range of in-silico models which describe and predict processing and product performance. It is anticipated that successful outcomes of digital design of drug formulations as envisaged in this proposal via the creation of “Design Space Explorer” will provide unparalleled improvements in reliability, quality and manufacturing processes of pharmaceutical products leading to greater trust by regulatory agencies and by society. Furthermore it is anticipated that a successful outcome to the proposed project has potential to significantly decrease the costs and times associated with the development of new medicines whilst also reducing, refining and and at times removing the need for some clinical studies in patients and healthy volunteers.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Process Systems Enterprise Limited, London, United Kingdom £739,329 £ 443,597


Britest Limited, OXFORD £125,497 £ 75,298
AstraZeneca UK Limited, Westminster £62,472 £ 31,236
Pfizer Limited, KENT
Glaxosmithkline Services Unlimited, MIDDLESEX £60,408 £ 30,204


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