High Performance Inverter

Lead Participant: Equipmake Limited


Under the High Performance Inverter project, Equipmake, in collaboration with Delta Motorsport, will develop a class leading inverter for automotive applications. Equipmake, based at the Hethel Engineering Centre in Norfolk, specialises in control system, power electronic and electric motor development. Delta Motorsport, based at Silverstone, is a leading engineering consultancy specialising in motorsport and niche vehicle projects, including the ground up development of a lightweight EV. As electric and hybrid vehicles continue to gain market acceptance, the niche vehicle sector will see significant growth. As the market is maturing, the industry has developed a new functional safety specification, ISO26262, to ensure these new technologies will meet the expected safety levels. The current inverters on the market are not compatible with this new standard, which is a significant barrier to vehicle developers. Additionally, the niche vehicle developer has a limited choice of specification. Under this project, Equipmake will develop an inverter incorporating the necessary diagnostic coverage and software functionality to enable it to be incorporated into an ISO26262 compliant system, The inverter will also be modular, allowing a range of specifictions to be derived from the same core package. The system will also incorporate a user friendly front end, allowing easy configuration with a wide range of motor types, making the system "plug & play" The project will further enhance the UK's abilities in Low Carbon Vehicle technology, and provide a step forward in inverter technology.

Lead Participant

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Equipmake Limited, NORWICH, United Kingdom
Delta Cosworth Limited, Northampton £9,933 £ 5,960




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