Mobile Commerce as a Service

Lead Participant: Parcelpoke Limited


The objective of this work programme is to develop a universal mobile transaction platform that uses SMS text messaging as the user interface. The technology will allow the general public to make use of well-understood and ubiquitous text messaging practices to purchase and gift goods and services, affording a low barrier to retailers and service providers to enter the digital marketplace and reach the widest mobile audience. The transaction platform will provide a seamless mCommerce experience for users. The platform will integrate retailer order processing systems with a range of novel technologies that associate customers with their physical delivery and billing details, as well as automatically analysing text messages to determine customers' intent. The proposal is to then create a developer ecosystem for third parties to create bespoke services for their customers, as well as generic services for businesses.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Parcelpoke Limited, BRIGHTON £595,363 £ 357,218


Indulge Retail Limited, HINXWORTH £124,954 £ 74,972


10 25 50