REFRAME: Location Performance Capture for Real-Time Enriched Media


REFRAME is a two-year project to research, develop and demonstrate new methods of real-time media production for film, broadcast and interactive media, taking unconstrained on-set performance capture as a starting point. The technological innovations include real-time performance capture and on-set feedback; real-time scene analysis and planar segmentation; automated metadata extraction for media enrichment; and new methods of displaying enriched media for audience interaction.
The project will create new algorithms, software prototypes, interfaces and media viewers, which will subsequently be exploited by direct sales, IP licensing and the provision of new production services. The BBC co-ordinates a partnership with two market-leading SMEs (Imaginarium Studios and Imagineer Systems) and the University of Surrey Visual Media Research Group. The BBC and Imaginarium will trial the technology and evaluate the results with users

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

British Broadcasting Corporation, London £606,122 £ 303,061


University of Surrey, United Kingdom £351,960 £ 351,960
Imagineer Systems Ltd £435,436 £ 261,262
The Imaginarium Studios Limited, LONDON £507,478 £ 304,487


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