Soil-for-life Beta: Optimising Big Data to Drive Sustainable Intensification

Lead Participant: Produce World Group Ltd


Soil-for-Life® (SfL) drives continuous improvements in crop production/utilisation resulting in direct increases in marketable yield and operational efficiencies. SfL is underpinned by an emerging innovative interdisciplinary field ‘agri-informatics’ whereby statistics and database management techniques are used to exploit knowledge held in multiple ’big data’ sets. This 3-year project will allow the in-depth analysis and exploration of this ‘big data’ providing scientific evidence to support sustainable intensification (SI) and maintenance of soil health at a field, farm and enterprise scale. In its current state SfL can be used to predict up to 70% of the variability of marketable yield within brassica cropping systems. This project will allow SfL to be rolled out as a fully functional product to the wider PW grower base encompassing a comprehensive range of rotations. It is expected that this will act as the catalyst for the wider adoption of SfL by UK growers and drive forwards SI.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Produce World Group Ltd, PETERBOROUGH £239,842 £ 119,921


Cranfield University, United Kingdom


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