Visualising Customer Journeys Through the Call Centre Landscape

Lead Participant: Qpc Holdings Limited


A shift has occurred in the market where Company Boards now recognise that the Contact Centre (Call Centre) is not just a 'cost centre' but a strategic 'profit centre' as the main customer interface to the company where customers are retained, won or lost. Therefore customer experience is now seen as a key differentiator within organisations in order to maximise the customer relationship over the long-term. QPC’s MIG solution is world leading, creating unique structured data that tracks every facet of the customer journey and details of their transaction, unlocking new invaluable insights that uncover significant optimisation opportunities in addition to improving customer experience. This industrial research project aims to remove the dependency for an organisation to find specific data analyst skills to identify and uncover the value in the data. This will be achieved through the identification of patterns to drive innovative predictive modelling/analytics/alerting capability. In turn supporting the development of novel 2D and 3D visualisations to enable easy exploration and identification of operational and customer experience issues in a generic manner for different customer needs.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Qpc Holdings Limited, MOLD £366,702 £ 220,021


High Performance Computing Wales, BANGOR £771 £ 463
Swansea University, United Kingdom £94,694 £ 94,694


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