Tamessa - Turning up the heat in electronics


The Tamessa project represents a step change in harsh environment electronic assembly. Tamessa will develop a integrated system will eliminate the need to use expensive & heavy ceramic technologies in applications up to 225Deg C and allow the integration of bespoke through hole components. Typical applications benefiting from this system are aerospace, automotive, offshore & power management or other areas were electronics are subjected to high temperature, salt and hydrocarbons. OEMs will benefit from 30% reduction in board cost, 50% reduction in board weight and 95% reduction in tooling NRE cost. Energy cost associated with manufacture are signifcantly reduced.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Microchip Technology Caldicot Limited, Bristol £161,867 £ 80,934


Gwent Electronic Materials Limited, PONTYPOOL £157,662 £ 94,597
Npl Management Limited, TEDDINGTON £174,901 £ 87,451


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