Total Residual Oxidant Analyser for the Marine Environment

Lead Participant: Element Six Limited


Due to an international treaty, about to be ratified, the process of fitting all the world's large ships with ballast water treatment and sensing systems (BWTS) that both kill invasive species transported and dumped in ports/coastal waters and monitor treatment, will begin. This TSB project enables Process Instruments (UK), a SME that specialises in water quality measuring technology, a world leading team of electrochemists at the University of Warwick, and Element Six, a synthetic diamond manufacturing company, to form a partnership to produce an entirely new type of oxidant sensor based on synthetic boron doped diamond electrodes, which can capture this "winner takes all market". The proposed diamond sensor will outperform all current sensors, which fail to meet market requirements, delivering greater accuracy, stability and reliability, enabling BWTS to be more efficient and safer to the ecology. With a focus on the development of innovative manufacturing and intelligent sensor technology for harsh environments, this project will also deliver manufacturing jobs and a sustainable export business worth millions of pounds pa to the NW regions of the UK economy.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



Element Six Limited, DIDCOT
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £104,006 £ 104,006
Process Instruments (UK) Ltd, LANCASHIRE £115,990 £ 57,995




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