Roost: Intelligent Information Storage with Granular Security

Lead Participant: Xuvasi Ltd


Roost provides an intelligent information storage system that leverages existing remote storage services, such as DropBox, etc., to provide SMEs with a Virtual Data Aggregation layer for use across their business. Roost incorporates a number of key innovations that work collaboratively to deliver increased resilience and information security at the same time as maximising the potential for SME staff to access and make use of permitted information that helps them to be more effective and efficient. Roost is being designed to deliver affordable, effective, and inteligent information storage that helps SMEs concentrate on their business rather than on managing numerous external storage providers.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Xuvasi Ltd, Cardiff £204,222 £ 122,533


Alazen Ltd, KETTERING £137,919 £ 82,751
Paradigm Agnostic Limited, TORQUAY £163,613 £ 98,168
University of South Wales, Rhondda


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