Digital tag and track

Lead Participant: Skanska Technology Limited


Tag & track provides the controls needed for effective implementation of industrialised construction activities, leading to certainty of outcome & reduced costs. There are a number of tag/track approaches (RFID/Bluetooth enabled, QR, Barcodes) that can be used to collect real-time data on the status/location of a component during the construction and life of a facility. To date the use of tag/track in construction has been restricted by cost of hardware & limited supply chain integration. However, its use in combination with 4D-BIM will allow progress on projects to be monitored against plan, enabling efficiency improvements (eg addressing scheduling issues that would otherwise cause delays) with 10% reductions in programme time targetted. The project will develop a solution for real-time tracking of component status during manufacture which can utilise different tag/track approaches. It will also develop a ‘schema’ to capture data from multiple supply chains in a standard format for integration into 4D BIM models. Outputs will be piloted in supply chains for real projects. Implementation will accelerate uptake of BIM throughout supply chains, contributing to an estimated 20% efficiency improvement.


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