DECC-MR- Digital Engineering for Customised Compliance in Maintenance Regimes

Lead Participant: Welplan Limited


Digital Engineering for Customised Compliance in Maintenance Regimes: This project will deliver an innovative new application for the industry standard maintenance specification SFG20 web service, building on SFG20's existing capability to model and customise legally compliant client/sector specific, fit-for-purpose, cost-effective maintenance regimes to inform tendering and subsequent contract in management and audit. 'SFG20 for BIM' will provide a 2-way interface between individual native building models and SFG20. Data transfer from construction to Operation & Maintenance (O&M) phases will permit automatic generation of customised maintenance solutions from BIM models. Conversely, O&M data will inform whole-life design decisions, with collaboration between construction and facilities management teams benefitting stakeholders throughout the building cycle. This innovative proposal supports government and industry-led initiatives, e.g. ‘Soft Landings’, PAS 1192, COBie UK, and Digital Plan of Work (DPoW). The work is being delivered in partnership, drawing on experts from B&ES/Welplan, Northumbria University, Faithful+Gould, BAM FM and Bilfinger.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Welplan Limited, PENRITH £166,315 £ 99,789


Northumbria University, United Kingdom £66,703 £ 66,703


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