Cow Health Monitor

Lead Participant: Afimilk UK Limited


There are considerable animal health challenges in modern dairy farming, all with a profound impact on production output and efficiency. The early detection of metabolic diseases such ketosis, acidosis and lameness and intervention at the pre-clinical stage provides valuable information upon which the farmer can decide on the most appropriate interventions. Thus the project will integrate a number of new dairy livestock sensing systems in real-time, including animal-mounted and product in-line monitoring, to provide a robust decision support system for metabolic disease detection at pre-clinical stages. The solution will be capable of integration within existing technologies on commercial farms to enhance the value of the farmer's investment, and the information presented to the livestock-keepers will be in an easily accessible and digestible fashion delivered over multiple channels viz. smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Afimilk UK Limited, GLASGOW £328,954 £ 197,372


ADC Gas Analysis Limited, Stevenage £181,198 £ 108,719
Fullwood Limited, SHROPSHIRE £186,659 £ 93,329
SRUC, United Kingdom £154,407


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