An integrated pathway for management and monitoring of brain cancer

Lead Participant: Obex Technologies Ltd


This collaborative project aims to develop and evaluate an integrated platform spanning the entire brain cancer pathway, from initial referral to end-of-life care, with significant implications for direct care provision, clinical research and service planning. The electronic tool will streamline the initial referral process, improve data quality, and enable concurrent review by a multi-disciplinary team across different sites in order to optimise diagnosis and treatment. The team delivering this project include the commercial firms Obex Technologies and Mountain Hare who will provide software development and project coordination skills respectively. The pilot study that underpins the platform development will be conducted at two leading centres for neurooncology, the University of Cambridge and the Walton Centre, Liverpool. The University of Cambridge will also be carrying out statistical cluster analysis in order to inform and improve the pathway. The Brain Tumour Charity and the Brainstrust, both leading brain cancer charities, will support the patient engagement process. The Brain Injury Health Technology Co-operative will lead on engagement with stakeholders within the NHS community.


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