Cell Bandage for Repair of Torn Meniscus – development of an improved product and a manufacturing process suitable for its effective commercialisation

Lead Participant: Azellon Ltd


There are two pieces of fibrous tissue in our knees called the menisci that cushion the bone-ends. They are shock-absorbers and help the knee joint to cope with extreme stresses. The menisci are commonly torn as a result of a sporting injury, causing pain and swelling. In the majority of cases the damaged portion of the meniscus has to be removed. Adult stem cells are found in all of us. They are non-specialised cells that can grow extensively and can be turned into many different kinds of specialised cell. Cell Bandage technology combines bone marrow stem cells with a special membrane that helps to deliver the cells into the injured site so that they can repair the tear. We have already tried this in a small number of patients using their own stem cells and we saw very encouraging results. We will now make three improvements to our technology. First we will improve the special membrane so that it is easier for the surgeons to implant in the knee. Second we will use bone marrow stem cells from a single donor so that we can provide a more consistent quality product at an affordable product. Third we will develop a way to freeze the Cell Bandage so it can be stored ready for use.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Azellon Ltd, London £1,020,259 £ 612,155


University of Liverpool, United Kingdom £329,622 £ 329,622
NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), Watford, United Kingdom £404,667 £ 404,667
Cell Therapy Catapult Limited, London, United Kingdom £275,776 £ 275,776


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