Development of a new polymer leak free ultrasonic flow enhancement in injection moulding that can provide a 20% reduction in cycle time, 60% longer flow paths, 10% savings in material - Ultramelt


The UK and EU polymer processing industry continues to contract, with companies struggling to maintain market share against competition from low cost economies. Whilst energy cost reductions would be welcomed, cycle time and component thickness are key drivers of financial performance, with parts costed as a function of cycle time & machine hourly rate. The Ultramelt system will apply ultrasonic energy into the molten polymer just before it enters the cavity. This can yield as much as 60% temporary reduction in melt viscosity, enabling a significant reduction in melt temperature, saving both heating & cooling energy. The benefits of this are numerous. Melt temperatures could be maintained and the lower viscosity used to enable easier filling of existing parts or design of thinner-walled parts with corresponding reductions in cooling times. Alternatively, the melt temperature could be reduced significantly, while still being able to fill the same mould (due to the reduced viscosity). This technology could enable UK moulders to increase productivity and competitiveness, regain market share and capitalise on new business opportunities.

Lead Participant

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The Technology Research Centre Limited, Grantham £263,007 £ 157,804


Luxus Limited, Louth, United Kingdom £91,009 £ 54,605
Polybridge Training Limited, SHROPSHIRE £31,178 £ 18,706
Loughborough College Loughborough £199,187 £ 199,187
Barkley Plastics Limited £34,995 £ 20,997
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Limited, BIRKENHEAD £47,460 £ 28,476


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