Modular Machine Tool and Process Simulator for Precision Machining


At least 25% of the process time for high value manufactured components arises from machining. CNC machine tools are programmed to produce geometry to a nominal form and surface finish, sources of error in the machining system impact on the cost, quality and delivery. These sources are split into those induced by the condition of the machine tool system and those induced by the behaviour of the work piece. The consortium, comprising machine builders, solution providers, academic institutes and end users, will collaborate to produce a predictive software tool that uniquely integrates both machine and machining models to provide prediction and visualisation of component geometry and surface finish. Machine users will be able to model the effects on part accuracy of machine, work holding, and part flexibilities during a cutting cycle, and design their part programs accordingly, thereby reducing prototyping and production downtime. Machine builders will use the tool to improve the design and efficiency of new product development. The modular solution is a stepping-stone to an all-encompassing model for controlling the accuracy of the machining process.


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