Lead Participant: Atkins UK


Cars that drive themselves promise massive improvements in safety, much reduced congestion, and the potential to help reduce climate change emissions. The key barrier to public acceptance is lack of confidence in how they might respond to the real events that happen on real roads; cyclists, pedestrians, bad drivers. Dense cities are the most challenging scenarios. Based on deep insurance expertise and extensive social research VENTURER will quantify the response of the public (passengers, road users, pedestrians) to increasing levels of driver assistance, and in some of the most complex road & traffic scenarios. Using safe on-road trials of cars and electric passenger pods, alongside an accurate virtual simulation, VENTURER will gain a deep understanding of public attitudes and reactions to inform public policy, and signpost the way towards a safe and managed transition to driverless cars. Establishing testing grounds for autonomous vehicles and technologies in the Bristol area, VENTURER will boldly go where no car has gone before!


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