Engineered textile blade with actively controlled surface/profile

Lead Participant: Smar-Azure Limited


The project explores the potential to lower the cost and improve the efficiency of wind power generation through actively controlled, textile-covered blades. These blades have the potential to push the boundaries of current technology, improving the design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of the blades.

Enginered Textile blades with load active control can make a major contribution to solving the UK's energy trilemma. By reducing the cost of production, transportation and installation of the blades, and increasing the blade efficiency it will help to drive the further deployment of on- and offshore wind turbines.

The project team - consisting of SMAR Azure Ltd, DNV-GL and ORE Catapult - has the required technical skills and engineering tools, commercial expertise and management experience to ensure that the project is delivered successfully.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Smar-Azure Limited, EDINBURGH £97,634 £ 73,225


Garrad Hassan & Partners Limited, BRISTOL £51,871 £ 33,716
Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult £8,837 £ 8,837


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