FARMERS - Farm and Rural Mixed Energy from Renewable Sources


Whereas most work in optimising energy systems has taken place in urban areas, FARMERS looks at the rural and agricultural environment which is often characterised by fragile electricity distribution networks, no gas grid and a reliance on oil based fuels for energy and heat but it is also ideal for medium scale renewable generation some of which is highly intermittent. To date no research has been done on the many varied and cyclic loads, generation and energy security at the intersection of agriculture and renewable energy, the relative energy cost disadvantage communities rural areas suffer and how this could be minimised. FARMERS will examine the feasibility of optimising models for management of all kinds of renewable generation, energy storage and the asymetric loads that farming processes or electric vehicles may place on fragile rural distribution networks and examine how the use of heating oil and liquefied gas by farms and rural communities may be displaced. Farmers will examine and review the feasibilty of sustainable models for rural energy integration replicable in rural communities to benefit rural consumers and farm businesses across the UK.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Telemetry Associates Limited, Diss £80,001 £ 60,000


Sharenergy Co-Operative Limited £80,317 £ 60,237
Harper Adams University, United Kingdom


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