Engine Based Driveline Disconnect for Downsizing


Caterpillar UK Engines Company Ltd in partnership with Concentric Birmingham Ltd and Loughborough University will launch a 24 month program of research into engine and driveline disconnection to enable engine downsizing and stop-start technology.
This research project, scheduled to start mid 2015, is enabled by an £599,168 grant from the UK government’s Innovate UK and complements previous projects co-funded by the TSB (now Innovate UK). The programme of research will be performed across the consortium members' facilities in Peterborough, Birmingham and Loughborough.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Perkins Engines Company Limited, PETERBOROUGH £678,305 £ 339,153


Concentric Birmingham Limited, Birmingham £122,864 £ 61,432
Loughborough College Loughborough £198,583 £ 198,583


10 25 50