Zero Emission Mini Compact Sweeping Machine

Lead Participant: Product Development Limited


The project is setting out to develop a zero emission lightweight electric compact mini sweeping machine for municipal and contractor use in town and shopping centre environments, delivering an industry wide step change in the efficiency, particulate and noise emissions of this type of machine.
The key project objectives include;
1) Lightweighting of the vehicle structure and associated components replacing steel with recyclable plastics
2) The design and integration of an innovative electric motor, battery pack and charging system
3) Development and improvement of the sweeping efficiency of the turbine vaccuum system
4) The build of a prototype vehicle to demonstrate and validate the concept
The combined effect of the project will mean significantly enhanced vehicle efficiency, reduced emissions, reduced running costs and lower environmental impact from the provision of these essential public services.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Product Development Limited, MERSEYSIDE £220,724 £ 132,434


Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd, SUNDERLAND £205,414 £ 123,248
Magnetic Systems Technology Limited, SHEFFIELD £202,792 £ 121,675


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