Total Software Energy Reporting and Optimization (TSERO)

Lead Participant: Arm Limited


The UK has world leading technology for monitoring high performance computing (HPC) systems and for compiling programs for energy efficiency. This project brings these technologies together to provide an end-to-end system to significantly reduce the energy used by such systems, using the STFC's HPC facilities to demonstrate its effectiveness. Advancing such technology carries risks, but made possible through Innovate UK support.

As well as HPC, the technology is applicable to the much larger data centre market, the annual electricity bill for which is $7.6Bn in the US alone. This project has the potential to reduce that by 20%. This will yield commercial benefits to the industrial participants, all small, export based UK companies addressing this global market as well as to the wider UK economy. It will also have major environmental benefits, by reducing CO2 emissions.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Arm Limited, CAMBRIDGESHIRE £18,733 £ 9,367


Concurrent Thinking Limited, BIRMINGHAM
Allinea Software Limited £131,120 £ 78,678
Embecosm Limited, Lymington £147,101 £ 88,261
The Science and Technology Facilities Council £150,986 £ 150,986
Concertim Infrastructure Management Limited, LONDON £286,059 £ 166,138


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