iEV CaB FAB = integrated EV Charger and BMS with Fully Active Balancing

Lead Participant: Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd


This project brings together five organisations to deliver technology that addresses key factors currently slowing the uptake of Electric and Hybrid vehicles. This will be achieved by integrating and improving the function of the battery management system and the on-board charger. The work to be carried out accelerates the development of an innovative product and takes a significant step in addressing the ‘hollowing out’ of the UK automotive supply chain.
Hyperdrive are leading the consortium, applying their technical expertise in Electric Vehicle engineering and drawing on their project delivery capability, gained from many automotive, marine and defence applications.
The project is a natural progression of the energy storage and Battery Management System products that Hyperdrive currently supply. The new product will reduce charge time and extend battery pack lifetime, in a smaller, lighter package. iEV CaB FAB will meet all automotive industry expectations of product robustness, manufacturing quality and specific safety requirements.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd, SUNDERLAND £752,456 £ 451,474


Amethyst Designs Limited, CAMBRIDGE £41,505 £ 24,903
Newcastle University, United Kingdom £195,140 £ 195,140
Opsol UK Limited, ASHINGTON £52,265 £ 31,359
Northern Powergrid (Northeast) Limited, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE £21,189 £ 10,595


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