Urban Flood Resilience: through dataset integration


Recent flooding has laid bare the vulnerability of urban areas and buildings. In the winter of 2013/14 there was an insured loss of over £1bn, with much more being spent by local authorities and government to recover and repair urban areas. The result is that property owners have found affordable insurance difficult to find, if they can be insured at all. In response BRE, AXA and Lexis Nexis have developed a pilot property flood resilience database (PFR-d) that provides a dataset for insurers to assess the impact of measure taken by property owners to address their flood risk. In the Urban Floods Resilience project the same team in association with Liverpool City Council will further develop the PFR-d to incorporate a PFR-score, to quantify the impact of the resilience measures. The data on the PFR-d will be uploaded by certified PFR-surveyors; thus it will involve the development of training and a certification scheme. The PFR-d will be further developed to integrate local authority flood risk data, water / flood infrastructure assets, community data and satellite data of previous flood events. The PFR-d will therefore become a way for urban areas to address and manage flood risk.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Building Research Establishment Limited, Watford, United Kingdom £226,500 £ 113,250


Axa Insurance UK Plc, LONDON £70,000 £ 35,000
Liverpool City Council, United Kingdom £52,291 £ 26,146
Lexisnexis Risk Solutions UK Limited, MAIDENHEAD £143,200 £ 71,600


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