Diffusion Bonded Aero Heat Exchanger

Lead Participant: Meggitt Aerospace Limited


The Diffusion Bonded Aero Heat Exchanger project will bring new technology to heat exchangers for aeronautical applications. A collaboration including Meggitt Control Systems, Heatric, Precision Micro, S&C Thermofluids, Vacuum Furnace Engineering, and The Open University will develop the technologies required to conduct deep chemical etching of aluminium alloy plates, and to solid-state diffusion bond the etched plates to produce a novel heat exchanger.
Precision Micro will develop deep aluminium etching to produce the required fluid flow patterns and other features; Heatric and The Open University will collaborate to develop industrially viable diffusion bonding methods; S&C Thermofluids will develop modelling and simulation using modern CFD methods for design optimisation; Meggitt Control Systems will design the heat exchanger and validate performance; and Vacuum Furnace Engineering will investigate manufacturing equipment to industrialise the process.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Meggitt Aerospace Limited, CHRISTCHURCH £309,006 £ 59,347


Vacuum Furnace Engineering Limited, Halesowen £40,677 £ 24,406
Open University, United Kingdom £148,686 £ 148,686
Meggitt (UK) Limited, Christchurch, United kingdom £107,199 £ 39,642
Precision Micro Limited, CHRISTCHURCH £183,358 £ 67,842
S. & C. Thermofluids Limited, BATH £83,612 £ 50,167


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