Production line Readines for light EMItting ElectRochemical cells (PREMIER)

Lead Participant: Polyphotonix Limited


PolyPhotonix Limited and the Centre for Process Innovation have developed novel light emissive devices that can be used in Fast Moving Consumer Goods such as greetings cards, Christmas decorations and advertising. They can also be used in medical applications for areas such as neonatal/postnatal jaundice, in wound healing and for cosmetic applications. The consortium will demonstrate that they can take this technology from the Manufacturing Readiness Level of 4, where demonstrators have been shown in a laboratory scale, to Manufacturing Readines level 8 where pilot line manufacutre on a roll to roll tool is demonstrated.

Lead Participant

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Polyphotonix Limited, SEDGEFIELD
Centre for Process Innovation Limited, REDCAR £66,428 £ 66,428




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