Flexible Robotic Assembly Modules for the Built Environment – FRAMBE

Lead Participant: Skanska Technology Limited


Traditional construction is a low-tech manufacturing process. It is carried out largely 'on-site' with the assembly of some pre-manufactured components (bricks, windows etc) and, whilst flexible and adaptable to a client's needs, is inefficient and challenging to automate. The industry is consequently making greater use of off-site factory manufacture. This brings many benefits but has high fixed costs and low flexibility, often located miles from the construction site. Skanska are pioneering 'Flying Factories'; temporary factories located close to or on a construction site, enabling flexible, efficient component manufacture/assembly whilst reducing fixed costs and optimising transport logistics. However, to fully exploit this manufacturing flexibility, we need to introduce advanced automation/robotics and supporting software systems common in other sectors, and to establish business models and cultural changes for mainstream use. The 'FRAMBE' project brings factory automation expertise from ABB and Tekla to address these challenges. It will develop a scalable, modularised flying factory solution that can be used for the flexible manufacture of a wide range of construction components.




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