Plastic Packaging Recycling using Intelligent Separation technologies for Materials (PRISM)

Lead Participant: Nextek Limited


PRISM is a new way of rapidly sorting packaging based on intelligent labels with invisible markers that can be detected and sorted using existing high-speed optical sorting systems used in MRFs with minor modifications. This technology uses commercial labelling and decoration methods which are coded with high performing luminescent compounds to sort targeted streams including food-contact plastics, bioplastics, chemical packaging, automotive plastics, black plastics and different grades of one plastic. Sorting is accomplished using modifications to existing NIR sorting machinery. The new technology can boost recycling plant yields with efficient ways of sorting materials such as PP packaging used for food, HDPE milk bottles and sleeved PET and increase recovery of food grade plastics and open up new markets for recovered plastics.This technology will be compatible with all NIR sorting equipment. It will help brand owners to ensure that packaging reaches the recycling loop and boost UK recycling performance.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Nextek Limited, London £218,438 £ 131,025


Enlightened Lamp Recycling Limited, SURREY £8,723 £ 5,234
Brunel University London, Uxbridge £168,058
Johnson Matthey Plc, LONDON £78,494 £ 39,248
Mirage Inks Limited, RADSTOCK £38,409 £ 22,947
Ccl Label Limited £43,775 £ 21,888
Evolve Polymers Limited, LINCOLNSHIRE £84,752 £ 42,376
Clean Tech U.K. Limited, Wrexham £81,509 £ 40,738
WRAP, United Kingdom £18,592 £ 18,592


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