A new process to recover more high value metals and salts from furnace slag & dross with a 90% energy saving

Lead Participant: Ultromex Ltd


Slag is a by-product of metal smelting, and at least 43m Metric Tonnes of it are known to be produced every year in the process of refining metals & making alloys. Slag is used in low value applications such as ballast in concrete and in aggregate road mat'ls. However, slag retains significant amounts of metals & these are sometimes recovered by remelting the slag, but this is extremely expensive with a very high energy burden and Carbon footprint. Our proven "Recyclamet" concept is to use a novel technology to selectively break down the non-metallic components of slag from the metallic particles. We have completed a proof of concept project, adding our own innovations to this process and the results demonstrate excellent separation of all metal from non-metal particles. The benefits of our process vs existing process are: • >90% saving in energy consumption, cost & CO2 footprint • Rapid turnaround of material, • Reduced landfill • Retain control of metal recovered. • Smelters can recover more metal and on-site, removing the need for transport elsewhere, • Maximise the value of outputs • Recovery of salt as an added revenue stream.


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