Personalised Urban Living Solutions (PULS)

Lead Participant: A.T.Kearney Limited


Personalised Urban Living Solutions (PULS) offer a novel approach to solve one of the biggest crises cities are facing - ageing. Led by Fujitsu UK, the consortium offers unique approach: a smart-phone app-based product that will use behavioural data captured through a GPS-enabled wearable and analysed by a versatile open standard for measuring everyday living ('Coelition'). PULS has chosen to look at: quality of retired life for the ‘aged’ and the quality of future retired life for the ‘ageing’. These are inexorably linked and their impact increases significantly with time. The challenges could be better addressed if individuals and social institutions were better prepared for the future. This means adapting individuals’ and institutions’ behaviour now, to accept and exploit the technology advantages.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

A.T.Kearney Limited, London £769,738 £ 370,860


Siemens Public Limited Company, United Kingdom £17,900 £ 8,950


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