Hybrid Fusion Energy System (HyFES)

Lead Participant: Denchi Power Limited


The HyFES (Hybrid Fusion Energy System) is a business led, collaborative project to further improve the benefits

(lower fuel costs, reduced emissions) marine vessels gain from switching to a hybrid propulsion systems. HyFES

is at the hub of an intelligent sensor network incorporating propulsion batteries, hotel/standby batteries and

through the installation of Dynamic Resource Monitor (DRM) sensors, any other electrical equipment including

engines and generators. HyFES will fuse together model and data based prognostic algorithms with algorithms

designed to ensure optimal operation of system assets to ensure vessels make operational decisions based on

through life costs of assets rather than focusing solely on fuel saving.

The project brings together a consortium that spans the complete supply chain including Heriot-Watt and

Southampton Universities, the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI), Custom and Contract

Power Solutions (CCPS), Denchi Power, FM and MBNA Thames Clippers.


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