Intelligent Flow Control System

Lead Participant: Greenbank Terotech Limited


A collaborative project led by Greenbank Group (GB) will develop an Integrated Flow Control System (IFCS) for

Coal Fired Power Stations (CFPS) which is fully automated & adjusts to suit modulation in flow performance of

mill, fuel types, quality, wear & load, providing flow feedback allowing burners to achieve optimum

stochiometric conditions thereby increasing efficiency & reducing emissions. The Objective of this project is to

build & integrate a prototype system at DRAX, the largest CFPS in the UK to verify efficiency & effectiveness

through long term testing. GB consortium partners DRAX (DX), University of Nottingham (UoN) & Argenta

Consulting (AGC) will address challenges in developing IFCS. A successful project will help create major business

& employment opportunities for the UK. This will address carbon abatement – increasing efficiency & flexibility

within UK CFPS.

Lead Participant

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Greenbank Terotech Limited, SWADLINCOTE


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