Lead Participant: Manchester City Council


CityVerve is based around the large-scale deployment of technologies, where everyday objects can be

connected to a network in order to share data. This approach will demonstrate and evidence the benefits to

citizens’ through environmental improvements, economic opportunities, and the more efficient and effective

delivery of services such as transport, healthcare and energy. It will provide the ability to create new services

and operating models through the interoperability between transport, healthcare and energy systems. The

geographical focus of CityVerve will be Greater Manchester; a city region which has been at the forefront of the

city devolution agenda, in particular health and social care provision, leading the way in designing new ways of

delivering services and providing the blueprint for other cities in the UK and beyond. CityVerve will build on

these opportunities to provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform healthcare and other city

services around the needs of people, not only is this is an urgent priority for Greater Manchester, but a

challenge faced by many global cities.


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