i-MOTORS - Intelligent Mobility for Future Cities Transport Systems

Lead Participant: Control F1 Limited


i-MOTORS is a CR&D project that will see the development of a vehicular cloud computing platform that fuses

data from road vehicles with ancillary information relating to the road environment. The product will include

dynamic maps that are transmitted back to vehicles to aid drivers and near real-time alerts which can be used

to improve the management of the road network. The maps and alerts will also underpin an intelligent traffic

management dashboard that will be available to stakeholders in traffic monitoring and management to aid in

planning, reducing congestion and improving traffic flows. As a proof of concept we will develop an M2M

system to achieve V2V connectivity to allow sharing of information between vehicles to demonstrate novel

concepts such as car platooning. i-MOTORS recognises the difficulties in accurately positioning vehicles,

therefore a novel concept of ubiquitous positioning through the integration of multiple sensors (GNSS, IMU,

vision, LiDAR) through the development of an innovative Beyond Line of Sight device will allow precise and

accurate positioning in wireless and mobile denied areas.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Control F1 Limited, Huddersfield £943,442 £ 660,409


University of Nottingham, United Kingdom £436,726 £ 436,726
Huduma Limited, Didcot £102,349 £ 71,644
Head Communications Ltd, WANTAGE £28,407 £ 19,886
Infohub Ltd, PARK UNIVERSITY BOULEVARD £193,315 £ 135,321


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